Toyota Soarer GT 4.0 V8 – Lexus SC400

The Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC 400

The Toyota Soarer, also known as the ‘tank’ from Toyota. Imagine this: It’s the late 80’s, and Toyota sees a big market which they are not yet part of. It’s the luxury US market where Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar dominate. Toyota was missing out, and something needed to be done. They had to and were going to build something strong, something luxurious. Build it to Japanese perfection standards in an era where the Japanese economy was booming. Money was not an issue, the new range of cars had to be among the best, no matter what the costs would be. The result was the birth of Lexus.

The history of Lexus

In 1990, during its first full year of Lexus sales, Lexus sold 63,594 LS 400 and ES 250 sedans in the U.S., the majority being the LS model. But something was missing. The design of the first two Lexus models were basically simple sedan’s filled with luxury but the outside was still considered mediocre. This ended with the beautiful Soarer, with sleek and sporty lines ready to compete with the best sport coupes in the world.

The birth of the Toyota Soarer

In 1991, Lexus launched its first newly designed sports coupe, the Toyota Soarer which was branded as the Lexus SC 400, which shared the LS 400’s V8 engine and rear-wheel drive design. This was followed by the second generation ES 300 sedan, which succeeded the ES 250 and became Lexus’ top seller. At the end of 1991, Lexus had become the top-selling premium car import in the U.S., with sales reaching 71,206 vehicles. That year, Lexus ranked highest in J.D. Power and Associates’ studies on initial vehicle quality, customer satisfaction and sales satisfaction for the first time.

So what does ‘Lexus’ stand for?

In short: Luxury Export United States. A Toyota but meant for a different market. The luxury market in the US. And because Toyota wasn’t really known fo Luxury just yet, they had to come with a new name and Lexus was born.

Mods and specs

So now my beloved Toyota Soarer V8. Full leather interior, full options and subtle mods.


  • Full stainless steel exhaust (front to back)
  • 19″ Team Dynamics – Jade R wheels with 265-35-19 tires
  • Tein lowering springs (-4cm).
  • Front lip
  • Stock engine, a 4.0 quadcam v8

I also made a quick Toyota Soarer walk around video if you interested to see more!


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