Mitsubishi FTO Part Numbers

Mitsubishi FTO Parts and their partnumbers.

Welcome to the Mitsubishi FTO parts list page. It is the most complete Mitsubishi FTO parts plus their corresponding partnumber list to be found anywhere on the web and it basically holds all official OEM part numbers for all Mitsubishi FTO models!

Please note that many of these Mitsubishi FTO part numbers are used for other Mitsubishi models as well.

How to find your Mitsubishi FTO part number

It is a big list so it can be difficult to find what you need so here’s a tip for you: When looking for something I strongly recommend using the basic search function in any type of explorer (works only for Desktop/Laptop users though..)

Press Control + F on your keyboard for Windows and Command + F for iMac to activate search in the browser.

A small search windows will pop up. Try finding your part by search specific keywords like ‘sensor’ or ‘filter’.

Buying Mitsubishi FTO parts

I know how difficult it can be to find parts for Mitsubishi FTO’s. It’s probably what got you here in the first place! I know a few places where you can find some of below parts. If there is a webshop available (that i know of) that sells the partnumber, I will add a link next to it. Click on the link to go to the webshop and search the partnumber there.

Mitsubishi FTO Part numbers: Exterior

MB423642 – Panel radio blind (DE3A) FTO
MB627892 – Flasher Relays FTO E4 5 6 (A)
MB629080 – Relay,spec lamp(156700-0110)E4-6 FTO (W)
MB629083 – Relay, ABS (G8H-1A7T-N25) E1-6 FTO
MB698713 – Switch kit, Dr lamp E1-6 FTO GTO VR4
MB803867 – Switch remote control E1 2 3 DE3A (W)
MB860925 – Wiper blade FTO (A)
MB874343 – Bracket audio eguip lh (DE3A) FTO
MB898861 – Box stereo access (DE3A) FTO
MR141835 – S.R.S. E.C.U. FTO (W)
MR142062 – Aerial FTO
MR148785 – Fog switch FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR148854 – Speedometer FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR148858 – Tachometer DE3A
MR148862 – Bulb instument panel FTO (W)
MR154519 – Nozzle Washer (Bonnet) FTO (W)
MR154520 – Nozzle Washer (Bonnet) FTO (W)
MR158342 – Switch, steering column FTO (DE2A/DE3A)
MR167724 – Bulb instrument panel FTO (W)
MR178785 – Headlamp kit DE2/3A, LH (A)
MR178786 – Headlamp kit DE2/3A, RH (A)
MR178787 – Sidelamp kit combination lh DE2/3A
MR178788 – Lamp combi RH FTO
MR178789 – Lamp kit combination fr lh FTO (DE2/3A)
MR178790 – Lamp kit, Combi RH DE2/3A
MR178791 – Lamp kit combi, Rr.,LH, FTO
MR178792 – Rh rear light unit (DE3A) FTO
MR178795 – Wiper blade FTO (A)
MR192531 – Arm Assy Drivers FTO
MR192532 – Blade Wiper FTO
MR192533 – Arm Assy Passenger FTO
MR192534 – Blade wiper FTO

Mitsubishi FTO Parts: Interior & Interior Panels

MB135995 – Nut, fuel E1-6 FTO (DE2A/3A) (W)
MB409436 – Screw audio tapp (DE3A) FTO
MB604627 – Spring gearshift garnish FTO (DE2A)
MB633075 – Washer E1,2,3,4,5,6 FTO (DE3A)
MB643846 – H’light clip headlining E1/2/3/4/5/6 FTO
MB652510 – Clip, instru. – E1-6 FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR146835 – Trunk Trim LH DE2/3A
MR146836 – Trunk Trim RH DE2/3A
MR146889 – Mirror, Interior Rear View,DE2/3A
MR148720 – Panel gearshift (DE3A) FTO
MR148732 – Box floor consol FTO
MR262637 – Mph speedometer (b&w) – FTO, E4 E6 (W)
MR734438 – Console, floor Fr. black FTO
MR734441 – Radio surround panel (DE3A) FTO
MR734445 – Consol assy floor FTO
MB135995 – Nut, fuel E1-6 FTO (DE2A/3A) (W)
MB409436 – Screw audio tapp (DE3A) FTO
MB604627 – Spring gearshift garnish FTO (DE2A)
MB633075 – Washer E1,2,3,4,5,6 FTO (DE3A)
MB643846 – H’light clip headlining E1/2/3/4/5/6 FTO
MB652510 – Clip, instru. – E1-6 FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR146835 – Trunk Trim LH DE2/3A
MR146836 – Trunk Trim RH DE2/3A
MR146889 – Mirror, Interior Rear View,DE2/3A
MR148720 – Panel gearshift (DE3A) FTO
MR148732 – Box floor consol FTO
MR262637 – Mph speedometer (b&w) – FTO, E4 E6 (W)
MR734438 – Console, floor Fr. black FTO
MR734441 – Radio surround panel (DE3A) FTO
MR734445 – Consol assy floor FTO

Mitsubishi FTO Parts: Engine Parts

MB176637 – Nut, eng.supp.rod washer assy E1-6 FTO
MB288462 – Nut, eng.supp.rod flange E1-6 FTO VR4
MB871930 – Bolt, eng.supp.rod flange E1-6 FTO
MB871932 – Bolt, eng.mount.wash as E1-6 VR4 FTO (W)
MD008959 – Key, Crankshaft woodruff E1-6 FTO VR4 GT
MD050317 – Gasket, eng.oil pan drain plug E1-6 FTO
MD153103 – Oil seal, camshaft E1-6; FTO; VR4
MD153368 – Bolt, cylinder block 10×70 E1-6 FTO VR4
MD169784 – Washer, rocker cover E1-6 DE3A GTO (A)
MD171367 – Stud, eng.mount(10×65) E1-6 FTO(DE2A)
MD174940 – Oil seal, crankshaft E2 3 4 5 6 FTO
MD179620 – Belt, valve Timing (DE3A) (A)
MD179909 – Gasket, PCV valve E4 5 6 FTO VR4
MD183236 – Bolt, cyl.blk flange 10×70 E1-6 DE3A VR4
MD189104 – Ring set, piston Std FTO (DE3A)
MD191502 – Gasket, timing belt E1 2 3 FTO (DE2A)
MD191982 – Timing Belt FTO (DE2A) (W)
MD194250 – Spring Rocker Arm FTO (DE3A)
MD211195 – Belt, valve timing FTO (DE3A) (A)
MD308159 – Rocker Cover Nuts DE3A
MD308593 – Tensioner Hydraulic DE3A
MD312701 – Oil, pan engine FTO (DE3A)
MD313673 – Belt, valve timing FTO (A)
MD316351 – Gasket, cylinder head FTO (DE3A)
MD316711 – Piston & pin assy, RH Std FTO (DE3A)
MD316717 – Piston & pin assy. LH Std FTO (DE3A)
MD317439 – Cap assy, engine oil filterE4-6 DE3A VR4
MD327253 – Washer, rocker cover E1-6 DE3A GTO (A)
MD359419 – Adjuster Rocker Lifter FTO (DE3A) (A)
MD377239 – Adjuster Rocker Lifter FTO (DE3A) (A)
MD970389 – Liquidgasketengine E1-6 FTO VR4 GTO (A)
MD974017 – Gasket kit, engine overhaul FTO (DE3A)
MD974018 – Gasket kit, engine overhaul FTO (DE3A)
MD974019 – Gasket kit, engine overhaul FTO (DE3A)
MD974020 – Gasket kit, engine overhaul FTO (DE3A)
MD997740 – Liquid gasket, M/T E1-6; FTO; VR4 GTO
MF104928 – Bolt, T/M Mounting E1-6 FTO (DE2A)
MF140207 – Rocker Cover Nut DE3A
MF140273 – Bolt, eng.supp.rod washer assy E1-6 FTO
MF140285 – Bolt, timing belt train flange E1-6 FTO
MF241229 – Bolt, rocker cover washer as.E1 4-6 DE3A
MF241280 – Bolt eng.supp. rod washer assy E1-6 FTO
MF430123 – Nut, eng.mount E1-6 FTO GTO
MF450407 – Washer, eng.mount spring E1-6 FTO GTO

Mitsubishi FTO Parts: Engine Electrical, Cooling and Intake / Exhaust

MD113566 – Relay, alt. safety E1-6 FTO VR4 GT (W)
MD197340 – Clamp, rocker cover DE3A; VR4
MD305411 – Control unit, engine electronic DE3A
MD312191 – Sensor, engine elec. FTO (DE3A)
MD313443 – Spark plug, PFR6G-11 DE3A; EC5W
MD314766 – Spark plug, BKR7CKC-N DE3A
MD316604 – Sensor, camshaft position DE3A
MD317515 – Altenator Assy DE3A
MD322771 – Spark plug, PK2OPR11 DE3A; EC5W
MD354655 – Sensor, ignition failure DE3A; VR4 (A)
MD374437 – Sensor, ignition failure DE3A; VR4 (A)
MD619268 – Regulator, alternator E4-6; DE3A; VR4
MR187819 – Relay, engine elec. E8T06878 FTO (W)
MS851347 – Spark plug, PFR7M PAJERO; DE3A
MD030764 – O-ring, cooling water line E1-6 DE3A VR4
MD177572 – Sensor unit, water temp. FTO VR4
MD184973 – Belt, alternator & OT FTO (DE3A) VR4
MD197149 – Belt, valve Timing FTO (DE3A) (A)
MD303884 – Tensioner, alternator DE3A VR4
MR160021 – Radiator Assy FTO
MR160296 – Hose Radiator Uppr DE3A
MR160297 – Hose Radiator Lwr DE3A
MR187907 – Shroud, cooling fan FTO
MB059359 – Nut, catalytic converter E1-6 FTO
MB113038 – Clip emmission
MB687013 – Gasket, exhaust pipe FTO (DE2A/3A)
MB906051 – Element, air cleaner non woven FTO (A)
MD067956 – Bolt, exhaust man.flange 8×12 E1-3 FTO
MD151672 – Gasket, air cleaner E1-6 FTO
MD175776 – Gasket, eng air intake FTO
MD308038 – Inlet Manifold Gasket DE3A (Non Mivec)
MD308040 – Gasket, inlet manifold FTO
MF243660 – Bolt Exhaust DE2/3A Z16A EC5A/W
MR160272 – Pipe, exhaust Centre FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR160273 – Pipe, exhaust centre FTO (DE3A)
MR160279 – Sensor, exhaust high FTO (DE2A/DE3A)
MR187853 – Duct, Air Cleaner Intake FTO
MR188392 – Duct, Air Cleaner Intake FTO (DE2A)
MR188394 – Duct, Air Cleaner Intake FTO (DE3A)
MR204020 – Muffler, exhaust main FTO (DE2A) (W)
MR204863 – Body assy, air cleaner FTO
MR204865 – Cover, air cleaner FTO (W)
MR340950 – Pipe, exhaust centre 1.8 FTO (DE2A) (W)
MR464393 – Muffler Exhaust Main FTO (DE3A)

Mitsubishi FTO Parts: Body / Shell

MB253964 – Clip bumper E1/2/3/4/5/6 FTO, TM
MB270408 – Damper Hood GAL SAL EST GTO FTO E1-6 (W)
MB325920 – Bolt rr bumper FTO(DE2/3A)
MB481588 – Grommet, Fr bumper-E3-6 FTO (DE2/3A),TM
MB572857 – Bolt, lock cylinder E1-6 FTO (DE2/3A)
MB612553 – Bolt r bumper E1-6 FTO (DE2/3A)
MB632387 – Latch, hood FTO
MB642442 – Fuel clip E1 4 FTO (W)
MB645400 – Spacer Windscreen FTO
MB880905 – Spacer, windscreen FTO (A)
MB912279 – Face Kit Ft. White/D-Grey GTO
MB914231 – Sunroof FTO (W)
MB926555 – Damper, trunk lid E1-4 FTO (DE2/3A) (W)
MD187065 – Label, emission FTO (W)
MD315715 – Label, service FTO (W)
MF244226 – Bolt, Air dam skirt panel 6×20 FTO
MF453033 – Screw floor console FTO
MF453093 – Screw trunk lid lock FTO (W)
MR101489 – Cylinder FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR108290 – Window Spacer FTO (A)
MR109621 – Moulding FTO
MR109635 – Moulding Rear Windscreen FTO
MR109984 – Spacer, windscreen FTO
MR138849 – Plate Fr Bumper Ctr FTO
MR138852 – Net, fr bumper FTO
MR138859 – Plate Fr bumper side FTO
MR138860 – Plate Fr bumper side FTO
MR138861 – Fr.license plate bracket FTO
MR138866 – Duct Fr bumper air guide ctr FTO
MR138879 – Bracket rr bumper side lh FTO (DE2/3A)
MR138880 – Bracket rr bumper side rh FTO (DE2/3A)
MR138883 – Bracket rr bumper face support FTO
MR138884 – Bracket rr bumper face support FTO
MR141823 – Switch assy E4,5,6 FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR152359 – Hinge, hood LH, FTO
MR152360 – Hinge, hood RH, FTO
MR152917 – Reinforcement rr bumper FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR153325 – Cover, eng room under LH FTO
MR153326 – cover, eng room under RH FTO
MR170514 – Striker, Trunk Lid Latch FTO
MR178424 – Side member, Fr.floor RH FTO
MR178442 – Support assy. headlamp FTO
MR178459 – Panel, headlamp support FTO
MR178465 – Support Lower FTO
MR178488 – Qtr panel R/H FTO
MR178491 – Sill LH, DE2/3A (W)
MR178493 – Sill, LH DE2/3A (W)
MR178494 – Metal sill RH, DE2/3A
MR178497 – Panel RR combi LH FTO (W)
MR178498 – Panel RR combi RH FTO (W)
MR178521 – Panel rear end FTO
MR178529 – Hood assy. FTO
MR178531 – Boot Lid DE2/3A
MR178533 – Fender Fr LH FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR178534 – Fender Fr RH FTO
MR178535 – Fender Fr LH FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR178536 – Fender Fr RH FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR178779 – Shield kit splash fr lh FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR178780 – shield kit, splash fr rh FTO
MR178793 – Face kit ft. bumper (DE3A/2A) FTO
MR178794 – Face kit rr. bumper 1.8 (DE2A) FTO
MR199040 – Clip Fr bumper FTO
MR199758 – Sunshade sunroof Ft. FTO
MR199759 – Sunshade sunroof Rr. FTO
MR199786 – Roof Rail FTO
MR215275 – panel, air guide lh FTO
MR215276 – Panel, air guide rh FTO
MR215531 – Reinforcement, Ft.bumper,DE2/3A
MR215533 – Reinforcement, Ft.bumper LH,DE2/3A
MR215534 – Reinforcement Ft.bumper,RH DE2/3A
MR217022 – Sunroof spring FTO
MR236130 – Lock set FTO
MR236131 – Cylinder, Fr door lock FTO
MR236132 – Lock Cylinder RH FTO
MR248928 – Pad, Fr bumper face 6×20 FTO (W)

Mitsubishi FTO Parts: External decor, Doors, Wheels and Tyres

MB619311 – Mark 3 Diamonds FTO
MB646885 – Bolt E1,2,3,4,5,6 FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR109575 – Mirror N/S Glass FTO
MR109576 – Mirror & holder, RH door,DE2/3A
MR152347 – Mudflap LH FTO (W)
MR152348 – Mudflap RH FTO (W)
MR179093 – Air dam side LH, DE2/3A (W)
MR192632 – Mark three-dia Mitsubishi FTO (DE2A/3A)
MR192633 – Decal mitsubishi FTO
MR192638 – GPX Badge DE3A
MR192640 – Mivec Decal Silver
MR192641 – Decal FTO (DE3A)
MR275279 – Indicator Lamp Mnting Bracket LH FTO 97>
MR275280 – Indicator Lamp Mnting Bracket RH FTO 97>
MR361006 – Version R GPX Red
MR734255 – Boot Spoiler FTO
MR734337 – Mirror assy, door,FTO RH Passion Red (A)
MR735346 – Mirror assy, door LH FTO DE3A (A)
MR759290 – Mirror assy, Dr LH black (p) FTO (DE3A)
MR759291 – Mirror assy, door lh FTO (DE3A)
MR759292 – Mirror assy, door LF FTO (W)
MR759293 – Mirror assy, LH FTO (DE3A) (A)
MR759296 – Mirror assy, RH Black Fold DE3A
MR759297 – Mirror assy, door rh FTO (DE3A) (A)
MR759298 – Mirror assy, door RH FTO
MR759299 – Mirror assy, DE3A (A)
MS452369 – Screw, side air Dam 5×20 E4 5 6 FTO
MU480035 – Grommet side air dam FTO E1 2 3 4 5 6
MB321765 – Slider Glass Guide LH FTO
MB321766 – Slider Glass Guide RH FTO
MB632510 – Spring pin, Fr door 6×27 E4 5 6 FTO
MR101844 – Window regulator fr rh FTO (DE2/3A)
MR101864 – Door Strip RH FTO
MR178523 – Door panel assy front FTO LH
MR178528 – Panel , door outer (skin) RH FTO
MR199014 – B Post Trim RH DE2/3A
MR199561 – Cover, Fr door inside (Blk) FTO
MR199568 – D/S Door Handle FTO
MR199623 – Handle fnt door n/s FTO Silver
MR199625 – Door Handle NSF FTO Silver
MR199626 – Handle Fr Door RH FTO D Red
MR220627 – Door motor, central locking FTO LH
MR220628 – Central Locking Mechanism DE3A
MR277353 – Electric Window Switch FTO
MR610105 – Fr LH Door handle silver E 4 5 6 (W)
MR734278 – Glass Fr Door Window LH Green DE3A
MR734280 – Glass Fr Door Window RH Green DE3A
MR734404 – W Strip door FTO (W)
MB573269 – Stopper front suspension E2-6 FTO (DE3A
MB579290 – Nut wheel E4-6 FTO (DE3A)
MB605277 – Cap assy,DE2/3A,Z15/16A (MB660735) (W)
MB870008 – Clamp spare tyre carrier E1/2/3 FTO (W)
MR735345 – Centre cap FTO
MR221625 – Windshield, Wash Tank FTO
MR221633 – Tank, windshield washer FTO
MR227100 – Switch E4 5 6 Galant DE3A
MR228104 – Spring, Air Bag FTO GALANT (W)
MR270091 – Cigar lighter FTO (W)
MR275275 – Lamp assy, turn signal LH FTO
MR275276 – Lamp Assy, turn signal Fr RH FTO
MR333022 – Bracket roll E4 5 6, FTO
MR333023 – Bracket roll E4, FTO
MR344283 – H Lamp Kit, LH FTO (DE3A)
MR344284 – H Lamp Kit, RH FTO (DE3A)
MR344287 – Fog Lamp LH FTO (DE2/3A)
MR344288 – Lamp kit, fog Fr RH FTO
MS810967 – Fuse blade 20A yel. E1-4 FTO (DE2/3A)
MS820093 – Bulb Headlamp 12V-8W FTO
MS820959 – Bulb Headlamp 12V-65W HB3 FTO
MS820960 – Bulb Headlamp 12V-55W HB4 FTO
MU481216 – Clip, windshield wiper E1-6 FTO
MU670023 – Plug E1,2,3,4,5,6 FTO (DE2/3A) (W)
MU820005 – Bulb Headlamp 12V-35W FTO (W)
MU840020 – Fusible link E1,4,5,6 FTO (DE2/3A)
MU840022 – Fusible link E4,5,6 FTO (DE2/3A)